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With Weeurl QR code generator, you can create personalised QR codes with your brand. Create, Manage and Track dynamic QR codes. Try Free QR Code Creator Now.

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QR Code Meaning

Quick Response code is the name of the QR code. These cameras and smart phones can read two-dimensional bar codes like this one. So, why is this code so interesting? When you scan this code, you can get to images, videos, information, and company websites right away.

Customers or clients will be able to scan the code to see what else you have. They will be able to get the right information right away, and they will be given a lot of options. You and your target audience will not have to worry about anything. People will be able to talk to you and your customers and clients when this code is used.

QR Code Generator With Logo

Make your QR code look unique by adding your own brand. With Weeurl QRCode Scanner, it is very easy and quick to add a logo to a QR Code that you make. The QR codes can still be read. Every QR code can correct up to 30% of errors. This means that 30 percent of the QR code can be cut away, but the QR code will still work. Up to 30% of the QR code can have our logo on it.

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Trackable QR Code

Because QR codes can store virtually any form of data, they’re extremely versatile. You’ll be able to see exactly when and where someone scanned your QR code because most data can be monitored easily.

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Weeurl QR Code Generation Limited to Personal Use?

No! There are no limitations. These QR Code graphics are free to use commercially. DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED owns the trademark “QR Code.”

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