What is branded link shortener?

branded link shortener
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    What is Branding ?

    Branding is a way of business that will create the name and design of any company. And it is useful for easily identifying the business and recognizing different products. It helps to show users how much our services are best for them. Many businesses use the brand to show their services. This product makes a different profile. Branding is an important way to make your business unique and different, that’s why users recognize it easily.

    What is a Branded link Shortener

    This is the smallest version of the URL. It is a short link to any app that is used to show you any online brand name that will relate with its term. Its other name is vanity link and this link will be made with three elements.

    • It will show your brand name.

    • Show about your business.

    • Also, suggest to the user about your URL.

    Because of the success of the banded link, nowadays shorten links will be used. This is like a short link to show any unique business and the opposite name. moreover, it is also called a vanity URL. It is a strong way for brand identification. This branded link is very helpful to search any site like amazon, Twitter, Facebook etc. It is a secure link and easy to show your business advertisement and give your business great success.

    The branded link is an easy way to use your brand domain with an easy extension for example we use the .com to show our brand domain. They explain the reason for your business domain and how it will be used to share your business. Surely, your users will remember what your brand is. With this simple domain, you can easily tell people about your brand and business. Slug used to show your business content. Branded is a type of shorter link but it is different from the branded link.

    The benefit of a branded link. 

    • With the use of a simple domain, it hides the main content of your business. You will lose your content if you do not use the branded domain. The name of the brand domain will be showing your business brand. The domain name is also used to show your business.
    • One like has a minimum slug it means it will show the way of this link. For the use of this slug, the user easily knows about the link that why we use this link. This slug is very helpful for any website SEO.
    • This branded link is very helpful to clean our social network.
    • The social network is a useful way to share anything like the picture, news and so on. With this social network, different companies get great success.
    • We strongly want to focus on our business profile and how our profile looks on the social network. So the users easily understand our business.
    • The next benefit of the branded link is the increasing CTR that grows the click-through rate. It will show the ad in front of a very attractive user. User trust the link and click it without any .
    • The problem shows that this link is secure.
    • Best SEO is the other benefit of branded links in which different keywords combine with a slug. With the help of this, we get the extra traffic. When the user searches for any link Google also shows our link.
    • Focus on your slug. The user also uses a similar word and Google shows the next keyword for their help. That’s why users can easily search for any link.
    • The branded link increases Email delivery. The sperms destroy the simple domain. Because of this Email removes such types of simple domain and mails that have a non-branded domain.

    What are short links?

    Shorting means creating a simple link. This is a worldwide technology that will easily create a short URL.

    This link makes it easy to understand and easily search the requirements. This makes a short URL from a long URL. It shorts the domain from the real domain. When you create a new link, it will be sent to the old link and then it works. The new link sends the HTTP to the web page. It is a secure way; you will not show that where you go when you click that is hidden. Some companies asked their users that it will not be secure and do not use the short link.

    Difference between Branded link & Short link.

    Effective and secure. A branded link is more effective than a short link. A branded link is a brand that will be shown from its name and the short link is not secure. With the use of a branded link organization will show their brand name and so on. In short, it is best from the short link. A lot of businesses use the branded link for the best success.


    A branded link is more useful than a short link because it has to generate the business name. So, the user easily knows what they search but with the short link, the user does not know where they go to click the link.

    Grow the identification:

    The branded link grows your business as it gives the identity to the business and helps to increase your brand. On the other hand, the short link will not give any identity, name or brand.

    Give the security:

    Branded links give security to the user he clicks the link where he goes. That’s why it increases the rate of searching for your brand. But the short link does not tell them what they search and where they go.


    The branded link shows that your business is very special. No doubt it is all about which user searches and shares your article. But the short link is the opposite of a branded link. The short link is only for you.

    branded link shortener

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